Calf and Youngstock Services

Our dedicated Calf Specialists can offer expert advice on any aspect of youngstock management; from nutrition - colostrum management, selecting the best milk powder, starter feeds - to housing and equipment. 

Wynnstay Calf Team

Our calf team consists of

Rebecca Davies - Product Manager - Milks

Sandy Wilson - Calf Specialist - West, North and Mid-Wales

Jess Charlton - Calf Specialist - Shropshire, Cheshire and Staffordshire

Eimear Diamond - Calf Specialist - South and South West England

Millie Hendy - Calf Specialist - Somerset and Gloucester

Sammy Howorth - Calf Specialist - Lancashire & Cumbria

Calf Services

  • Bespoke feeding protocols
  • Superior nutrition
  • Wynngold Calf Metrics (weighing and measuring)
  • Calf Signals workshops

Keep up to date with our Team blogs, and visit our publications page to read our annual Focus on Calves Technical Newsletter.

If you would like any help on weaning and youngstock growth and development please contact your local calf specialist.