Calf and Youngstock Services

Our dedicated Calf Specialists can offer expert advice on youngstock management from best practice colostrum management and selecting the best milk powder to housing and equipment for youngstock. 

Wynnstay Calf Team

Our calf team consists of

Rebecca Davies - Senior Calf Specialist - South Wales

Sandy Wilson - Calf Specialist - West and North Wales

Jess Charlton - Calf Specialist - Shropshire, Cheshire and Staffordshire

Eimear Diamond - Calf Specialist - South and South West England

Millie Hendy - Calf Specialist - Somerset and Gloucester

Technical Workshops

In last year’s addition of Focus on Calves we launched the Wynngold Calf Club, since then we have been running a series of Calf Signals Workshops with the help of Owen Atkinson, a leading dairy vet and founder of Dairy Veterinary Consultancy Ltd.

The workshops have been taking place throughout the Wynnstay trading area and we are the first company in the UK to offer the Calf Signals training.  Focusing on rearing healthy calves from birth to bulling age, Calf Signals provides farmers with practical ways to read the behaviour of youngstock in their own environment and, are designed to enable farmers to establish where improvements can be made to maximise their existing youngstock health and performance.

The training days focus on the dry cow environment, looking at bedding space per cow and also condition scoring the dry cows to identify if they are over conditioned or not. Following from this there is a strong focus on the importance of colostrum management and implementing an appropriate plane of nutrition to reach 24 month calving.

Farmers that have attended the events so far have all been keen to go back home and implement some of the tips they picked up enabling them to eliminate the ‘bottle necks’ in calf rearing on their farm.

If you would like any help on identifying your bottle necks, please contact one of our calf specialist.

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