WYNNWRAP Silage Bale Wrap

SKU: 74527

  • 1500mm long/ 750mm wide

  • 25μm thickness

  • Suitable for all balewrappers

  • High puncture & tear resistance

Product Description


Introducing our new WYNNWRAP bale wrap

Wynnwrap silage stretchfilm in a brand new addition to the market in 2018 exclusively available from Wynnstay.

Wynnwrap has been designed for use on all balewrapping machinery and is a great choice for contractors and farmers who want a high strength, reliable and durable balewrap.

5 Layer Technology

Wynnwrap is manufactured using the latest co-extrusion technologies to maximise the mechanical aspects of the stretchfilm to produce a consistently reliable, high quality balewrap.  It possesses the key elements that you would look for in a balewrap including strength, puncture resistance, elasticity, UV stability and excellent cling. 

Suitable for all balewrappers

Wynnwrap is suitable for use on all types of balewrappers including modern machinery.

High puncture & tear resistance

The exceptional puncture and tear resistance of Wynnwrap enables the film to cope easily with the impact of the shoots and stalks associated with stemmy, forage crops.

Greater resistance to oxygen ingress

Wynnwrap provides a highly effective barrier that impedes oxygen ingress.

Consistently good elasticity

Wynnwrap has the high strength and flexibility required to retain a good bale shape post wrapping in addition to maximising bale density in the baling chamber.

Optimum adhesion level

Wynnwrap’s optimised adhesive seals the bale effectively to help generate ideal anaerobic conditions. As well as enabling day and night wrapping this effective adhesive leaves no residue on the pre-stretch rollers.

Environmentally Friendly

Wynnwrap is 100% recyclable.

Technical Specification

Width: 750mm

Thickness: 25μm

Length: 1500 m

Pallet Dimensions: 100 x 125 cm

Reels per pallet: 40

Pallet Height: ‡1.65

Additional Information

Additional Information

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