Poultry Services

Layer & Rearing Rations

Over the last five years Wynnstay has increased its market share of the layers section and have a range of rations for both intensive and free range production. We consistently achieve the breeder targets both in egg numbers and weight.

The complete package:

  • Feed supply & ordering service
  • On farm support service
  • Assistance with pullet supply
  • Assistance with booking depletion of spent hens
  • Financial costing service


Our aim is to offer a value for money product to suit producer needs.

  • GM and GM free rations
  • Feeds for all systems- Colony, Free Range and Barn.
  • Feeds for all layer breeds
  • Biosecure feed delivery vehicles
  • Specialist advice and service from our dedicated poultry team


Turkey Rationing

Wynnstay are proud of their reputation in the supply of turkey feeds to an ever growing customer base. We have year round trade for the catering birds together with the traditional Christmas table market. Our range offers flexibility to growers and we are able to offer a full range of turkey rations, from starter crumbs to finisher rations.

The above is only a general guide. Feed intake and quantities will vary depending on breed and target weight required.

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