WYNNGUARD Health Package

Elixir calf Milk

Wynnguard is the ultimate additive for calf health and performance, now available in our Elixir Energized Calf Milk, offering your calves total digestive tract protection.

With specific sticky sugars that mimic the action of bovine oligosaccharides (BOS) found naturally in cow’s colostrum and transition milk, the inclusion of Wynnguard into our milk formulas means that your calves will continue to receive what mother nature intended even after the calf has left mum.

  • High quality live yeast stimulates the immune system by increasing white blood cell activity
  • Supports the development of good bacteria along the calf gut
  • Helps guard the calf against opportunistic pathogens
  • Contains a pre-biotic, helping to guide and shape the bacteria colonization of the gastro intestinal tract.

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