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The Spring Cereals Brochure 2019 includes information and advice on the latest cereal seed varieties, as well as informative articles on key topic areas for the coming season. 

Spring Seeds Brochure


As we look towards Spring 2019, we are hopeful that growing conditions will be significantly better and more stable then they were for 2018. The variable UK weather can always be difficult to predict but 2018 did take it to the extreme. Conditions went from very wet in January to April followed by an extreme drought from May to August which saw Spring Crops suffer dramatically.

A UK and in fact European wide picture is that when it came to harvest, yields were significantly down with very stunted crops, and fewer tillers due to the lack of Nitrogen uptake. In true British fashion we go again for 2019 and so far it is pleasing to see that Autumn drilling has gone relatively smoothly with later drilling being achievable with the mild temperatures up until the start of November. We are still expecting a significant demand for Spring cropping with the options and flexibility they offer in the rotation. It seems to be a similar message to last year but again we would advise early ordering if variety choice is key. Lower yields have affected seed crops and in turn will mean that demand could potentially outweigh supply.

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