Spare Colostrum Tube Latex

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  • Spare colostrum tube 

  • Can be used with a syringe or stomach tube feeding bottle

  • Highly flexible and soft

  • Easy to clean after use

  • Latex

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Product Description


Spare colostrum tube. A spare stomach tube for feeding small weak lambs, which need a rapid intake of colostrum to hopefully save its life. The stomach tube can be used with a normal syringe or stomach tube feeding bottle. This stomach tube is designed for easy swallowing and intake by the lamb with it being highly flexible and easy to clean with the hygiene of stomach tubes being critical. The stomach tube comes with pre cut holes allowing for the correct amount of colostrum to be deposited at a consistent speed and pressure into the small lambs stomach. A spare stomach tube and syringe is a must have with any shepherd.

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