Smart Movement Beam Wheel Spray Disinfecting System


  • Help eradicate challenges facing farms from day to day visiting traffic and prevent cross contamination

  • Standard 3.6m width spray bar; sensors; components & box

The Bio-Sparge SMB is a wheel spray smart movement beam programmable Farm Entrance Biosecurity System, designed to automatically spray vehicles entering or exiting with a water and chemical disinfectant spray. 

Product Description


Smart Movement beams trigger the Bio-Sprage's management system with operates the pump and valves for a pre-set time. The water and chemical/detergent solution is pumped through the spray bars to disinfect the vehicle at a pre-set dosage rate.

It uses either mains or farm bore hole water which is then automatically mixed at a controlled percentage with a neutral pH chemical to provide the disinfectant spray.

WRAC approved air gaps are incorporated within the Bio-Sparge's integral water tank (110L) to prevent any back flow of chemical / detergent into the water supply.

Incorporates internal heating to protect the Bio-Sparge's components in cold weather together with automatic visual status alarms.

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