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Introducing Silage Additives

Although the silage making process can be explained very simply, it is actually a very complex process and dependant on many factors, such as the natural microbial population, harvesting conditions and the sugar content of the grass. Consequently, silage quality can be very variable. However, the fermentation process, which coverts sugar into the lactic acid that preserves the forage, can be effectively controlled by using an appropriate additive.

Several trials over a range of crops and ensiling conditions have shown that using Wynnstay’s range of silage additives improves both speed and efficiency. By speeding up the fermentation less nutrients are lost during the process and consequently the silage has a higher feed value when compared to untreated forages. Also, by improving the fermentation and rapidly reaching a stable pH the risk of secondary fermentation from clostridial bacteria is minimised. Furthermore, the activity of yeasts and moulds which cause expensive losses due to aerobic spoilage is reduced.

The net result at feed-out should be a well fermented, well-preserved silage which improves animal performance, which in turn can reduce the cost of production and improve margins. Further financial benefits are gained from reducing waste due to the activities of spoilage organisms. However, keep in mind that an additive cannot turn poor quality grass into good silage and that it is no substitute for good management.

Wynnstay’s additive range is designed specifically for modern silage making techniques, it has been thoroughly researched and independently tested and contains products for clamp, big bale, maize and wholecrop.

Silage Additive Range


Grass silage additives help increase fermentation efficiency by adding lactic acid bacteria to the grass. Grass silage additives also improve liveweight gain, milk yield and quality, as well as protein and energy utilisation. Grass silage additives also reduces effluent, yeast and moulds.

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Maize silage additive is added to maize to improve the feed quality of the corn. Maize silage additives can contain Allin, which is a natural mould inhibitor. Adding a maize silage additive to your silage can improve aerobic stability, reduce nutrient losses at feed out and provide immediate and long-lasting protection against spoilage.

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Wholecrop silage additive has similar properties to maize silage additives. They help prevent mould, improve aerobic stability, reduce nutrient losses and offer protection against spoilage.

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