Maize Seed

Wynnstay supply a range of high-quality maize seeds to suit different sites and farming systems.

Wynnstay have an excellent relationship with some of the UK’s largest seed breeders. This allows us to gain access to the latest trial information and product development news.Arable and Forage Specialists work closely with farmers offering guidance on how to achieve high maize yields from the maize planted. We can inform you on the most cost-effective and high yielding seed varieties for your particular farming system.

Our Arable specialists are able to assess individual farm requirements. They can advise customers on how to maximise the maize crop for both production and quality. We can provide guidance on variety choice, crop nutrition, agronomy, maize cultivation and ensiling. We will ensure that the management of your maize crop is suited to the geographical and environmental conditions of the farm. It will also ensure the management of the feed requirements and overall profitability of home-grown forage.


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