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  • Gowrie Swede Seed

    Gowrie is a purple skinned variety with uniform roots that can be utilised pre or post-Christmas. It can produce high DM and fresh weight yields and exhibits good resistance to both clubroot and powdery mildew.


  • Invitation Swede Seed

    A high yielding and high DM variety, with uniform purple skinned roots. It has both clubroot and powdery mildew resistance. Due to its winter hardiness, it is ideal for post-Christmas utilisation and can be used to help extend grazing periods. It also has a large leaf for extra grazing potential.


  • Lomond Swede Seed

    Lomond can be used before or after Christmas. It has high fresh weight and DM yields, making it perfect for finishing lambs. Lomond also has clubroot and powdery mildew resistance.


  • Marian Swede Seed

    Marian is a purple top variety. It has a good uniform shape and some resistance to clubroot and mildew. A second early variety for use from October through to January. Marian can also be used as a culinary swede.

    For a bespoke swede fertiliser programme,speak to your local Wynnstay specialist or call the fertiliser department on 01939 211266.


  • Organic Lomond Swede Seed

    1KG Lomond is a new variety bred in Scotland, it has good winter hardiness and can be used before or after Christmas.


  • Ruta Otofte Swede Seed

    1KG Rute Otofte is a dual purpose swede variety for fodder and culinary use often a popular choice with sheep farmers.


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