Combinable Crops

We have pleasure in presenting our autumn seed range which we hope will be of use in deciding what to grow for harvest 2018. Wynnstay are proud to offer our Hi-Gene range - grown on Blackgrass free land.

Blackgrass is fast becoming a huge problem for arable growers in the UK. This is due to its ability to spread quickly, and the difficulties which growers face in controlling the weed once it has established. There are several ways that this aggressive grass weed can be introduced on farm, buying-in contaminated certified seed is one of the causes.

At Wynnstay, we ensure that this risk is minimised by placing our seed production contracts on land that is free of Blackgrass – primarily in the western region. We also monitor these crops very carefully throughout the growing season to ensure crops are free from Blackgrass. Buying Hi-Gene seed from Wynnstay means that you can be confident in the high genetic potential of the seed and that it’s free from contamination.