Feeding & Watering Equipment

The performance of your livestock is not totally dependent on the feed you put in front of your stock but also on the way you manage the feeding process and management in general. Dr Alex Bach of Spain recently demonstrated that 50% of the difference in the performance of 47 identically fed dairy herds was down to age at first calving, stalls per cow, but more importantly on how the feeding process was managed.

Milk being around 86% water, makes water the most essential element required by the cow, and it’s not just the adequate supply of water, it is the quality that is also important. Water intake can be affected by mineral content, pH and the presence of micro-organisms or other contaminants.

The siting of and size of troughs has an important influence on water consumption. Accurate preparation of a total mixed ration can improve animal performance and reduce the likelihood of feed related health issues such as acidosis.

Wynnstay offer a range of on board weighing equipment for front end loaders and tele-handlers as well as the popular DG precision feeding TMR scale and DTM software.