The design of the environment in which we house our cows has a significant effect on their performance. Wynnstay has a range of products and expertise to help you build the perfect environment for your herd.

Cubicle surface and design

Milk production is directly correlated with lying times. The longer a cow lies down the more milk she will produce and the lower the risk there is of her becoming lame. Lying times are also important for the transition cow. The period around about calving is the highest risk period for the development of sole ulcers. Deep bedded larger cubicles (up to 50”) or straw yards stocked at 80% are very effective at promoting increased lying times.

Feeding space and barrier design

Poor feed barrier design can affect dry matter intakes and even influence sorting and saliva production. Feed management related issues have shown to have a significant effect on milk production and the effectiveness of transition cow management.

Locking yokes are not just a great tool to manage bullying along the feed barrier but are also a great tool for carrying out routine tasks like vet checks.

Wynnstay’s strategic alliance with equipment manufacturers and dairy housing design experts, VES can facilitate the design of your new facilities or refurbishment of an existing facility to optimise your herd performance.