The design of the environment in which we house our cows has a significant effect on their performance. Wynnstay has a range of products and expertise to help you build the perfect environment for your herd.

Concrete -  Wynnstay supply a comprehensive range of pre-cast concrete products to the agricultural industry, for a variety of uses. Pre-cast concrete is durable and strong, yet allows flexibility if needed - providing excellent product quality to the user.

Cubicle - Our range of cubicles are quick and easy to install. Milk production is directly correlated with lying times. The longer a cow lies down the more milk she will produce and the lower the risk there is of her becoming lame. 

Hutches - Proven to improve the development of calves, our range of hutches offer a a stress free environment for a calf.

Mats - Mats offer an ideal solution for slippy surfaces. Our range offer an additional layer of comfort for your animals.

Ventilation and Lighting - Technology is playing an ever increasing role on today's dairy farms. Using the correct ventilation system can reduce the risk of infection within your herd. Our range of energy efficient lighting is a revolution in traditional lighting methods, offering an extended life and coverage.

Windbreakers and Boards - Protect your her against the elements whilst maintain a breathable space using our range of Galebreakers. Our range of boards will assist in separating areas within the housing areas.

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