Farm Gates and Fencing

A heavy duty gate is essential for any farm or field. We supply both Bateman and IAE gates, these high quality gates are available in a range of designs and sizes, request a quote today from Wynnstay Agriculture. View our range of fencing supplies such as barbed wire, welded wire mesh, pressure treated wooden posts and fencing tools.

Farm Gates - A heavy duty gate is essential for any farm or field.  Our collection of galvanised metal field gates are designed to be durable, a low maintenance choice for any farming enterprise.

Fence Posts - A strong fencing post will support your fencing structure for years to come. We offer a wide selection of wooden posts in different shapes and sizes.

Wire Fencing - View our extensive range of stock fencing. Designed to support all farming enterprises such as sheep, cattle and poultry. Variations of fencing such such as barbed, coated and electric are available to view.

Electric Fencing - An ideal choice for a temporary enclosure. Choose from a wide range of energisers, electro wire and fencing accessories.