Feeding & Watering Equipment

View our range of farm equipment, we offer a wide range of feeding and watering equipment. Good quality storage facilities will help reduce unnecessary waste. With over 100 years experience in the agricultural industry, Wynnstay are a leading supplier of livestock equipment and feed.

Silos - Expertly designed to efficiently store feed. We offer a variety of silos, including enclosed, single and legged silos. 

Hoppers - Our range of Hoppers are ideal for moving quantities of feed around farms in a clean and convenient manner. Some options offer telescopic legs to allow for bags of different sizes. 

Meal Bins and Barrows - Move feed with ease with our collection of heavy duty feed barrows. Our meal bins offer additonal space for feed storage, available in a plastic or galvanised structure.

Feed Troughs - View our range of feed troughs, we offer a wide range of such as concrete, portable, beef and sheep feeders.

Water Troughs - We offer a range of different water troughs and poultry drinkers. Featuring recognised brands such as BEC, JFC and IAE.

Water Storage - Our collection of water tanks cater for all needs, whether it is a vertical or low profile water tank, we can cater to your requirements. View our range of Philmac plumbing supplies.