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Our team of hardware specialist are on hand to advise on any aspect of farm hardware, their services include the following areas:


The design of the environment in which we house our cows has a significant effect on their performance. 

At Wynnstay we offer a unique building advisory service for our customers which is completely free of charge. The service is designed to be involved at the beginning of the planning stage, long before any concrete is poured. Working with the farmer, planners and architects to ensure the correct positioning, orientation and design criteria from the onset of the project. A new facility will have a functional life of in excess of 30 years so it is important that it meets the needs of the cow not just today but of the cow in 30 years time.

Our basic philosophy is to provide the cow with an environment as comfortable as the field but without the extreme weather conditions. Each day in a Wynnstay designed barn will have the same day length, the same air quality and be thermally comfortable for the cow. Our guiding principle is to improve air quality through adequate air exchange whether it is mechanical or natural ventilation. Adequate light is also important as this has been shown to improve dry matter intake, milk yield and fertility.

Our Housing Advice Services include:

  • Building design
  • Cubicle design and surface advice
  • Feeding space and barrier design
  • Free-stall layout designs
  • Water trough type and positioning
  • Grooving type
  • Cow flow
  • Handling
  • Water & slurry management

Wynnstay offers help and advice on Roundhouse Cattle Housing - View information and testimonials

Water & Slurry Management Solutions

Our team of hardware specialists are experts in on farm slurry and water management. They have already helped a number of our customers ensure they are compliant with the new Farming Rules for Water, through offering advice, independent product suggestions and regular farm visits to support individuals on farm.

KeBek - Greener by Design

KeBeK Ltd offers a one stop shop to assess rural environmental pollution with the expertise to design out the risk. We specialise in water pollution, environmental regulation and engineering design, with the aim to support a sustainable future for rural businesses.

With over 60 years of experience, we provide an open and friendly service to a range of clients, to ensure regulatory compliance of existing and new environmental regulations; and advise on engineering design and planning for buildings, stores/ containment, access or rural developments.

Read our Water & Slurry Management Services Guide Here.

Ventilation & Lighting

Technology is playing an ever increasing role on today’s farm. Wynnstay have a range of products aimed at improving housing environments. Wynnstay’s philosophy when it comes to the introduction of new technologies is that it must meet one simple criterion; provide the farmer with an economic return on investment (ROI). Our specialists are able to assess the need and determine the ROI for farmers looking to adopt new technologies all based on the available research, and on Wynnstay’s experience working with farmers. Wynnstay is a UK distributor of VES lighting and ventilation products. VES Environmental Solution, LLC is North America’s most innovative environmental company. The ventilation and lighting components are designed to cover all aspects of a good housing system.

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