Premier Cattle Mag

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  • Controlled intake, premium sweet magnesium lick in a highly palatable form.  For use where there is a risk of grass staggers (hypomagnesaemia) in grazing cattle.

  • 11% available magnesium for use where there is a risk of grass staggers in spring and autumn

  • Extra high 35% sugar content to aid palatability and product intake Includes 1000mg/kg copper to help support fertility at bulling time

  • Offer to dairy and suckler cows pre-turnout and for 6 weeks following turnout in spring, and again in autumn

  • Available in 20kg and 80kg buckets

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Product Description


How much Premier Cattle Mag will I need for my herd?

Herd Size 20kg buckets per week 80kg buckets per week
25 1 - 2 1
50 3 - 4 1
100 7 - 8 1 - 2
150 10 - 11 2 - 3
200 14 - 15 3 - 4






Practical feeding guide:

Offer 1 x 20kg lick per 10-15 cattle
Offer 1 x 80kg lick per 50 cattle
Make sure forage is available ad lib and offer licks on a free-access basis


High in Spring and autumn
Megnesium Maintain blood magnesium levels where there is a risk of grass staggers
Sodium Magnesium absorption in the rumen
Copper Reproduction and fertility at bulling
Available sugars

Product intakes
Magnesium absorption in the rumen

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Wynnstay
Case Study No
Articles No
Exclusive to us Yes


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