AHDB estimate that increasing the number of calves reared per 100 cows put to the bull by just 2% can increase calf sales by up to £1,000 per year.

Ensuring good fertility of your breeding cows and heifers has the largest influence on this financial figure with ensuring you cover simple nutritional requirements key to supporting fertility.

The combination of energy supply in the diet and copper status of animals are two of the leading influences on fertility.  A recent UK survey has shown that in excess of 50% of beef cows were copper deficient and was linked to those animals’ more typical extensive grazing existence where they are rarely offered supplementary feed.  Copper has a direct influence on fertility so should not be over-looked in extensively grazed animals offered minimal supplementation.

Energy is similarly, if not more, important as it impacts cow body condition score and in turn the cows’ ability to return to oestrus and support conception rates following calving. A difficult year where a long winter and slow start to spring has been followed by an extended dry period with dwindling grazing supplies for many has resulted in many cows not being in the ideal body condition to support performance.

Wynnstay Premier Cattle Booster is specifically formulated to help support fertility as it contains a good level of energy plus minerals and vitamins, including an optimum level of copper.

Making sure you don’t short change your cows nutritionally this season is the best way to ensure that fertility underpins profitability!