Farm Safety ~ All Good Birds Come Home to Roost...

And just like that we have welcomed in the New Year, stuffed the decorations back in their boxes, unceremoniously discarded the Christmas trees and emptied the contents of our festive fridges. January has flown by, catapulting us into February windswept and wild. I confess the hours in a day haven’t been kind and this blogs transformation from chick to chicken has been on somewhat of a hiatus.

Recently I’ve become more aware of a conversation that crops up often and as these conversations play out on the yard, in the house and over the thunking of a tractor engine I wince and breathe through the queasiness that rolls and breaks against my insides.

I am almost completely useless with human incidence but thankfully iron stomached for animal.

On a serious note, the words Farm Safety historically caused a domino effect of eye rolls and glazed over looks but farm safety is too often shrugged off as an occupational hazard.

The Agricultural Industry is about 1.5% of the UK’s workforce but the sobering reality is that the industry makes up for 15-20% of workplace fatalities and this leaves farming with one of the poorest records in all working sectors.

On top of those fatalities are; minor injuries, severe injuries and acute and chronic work related conditions and disease. Any of these compromises to health can have costly, life changing consequences for those affected, the family and for the farm.

It seems that we are all set with the default of ‘It won’t happen to me’ and it isn’t until we are directly or indirectly affected by a farm accident that we stop and give it perhaps a little more thought. It isn’t to say as an industry we are careless but perhaps it is fair to suggest that we don’t take as good care of ourselves as we should.

Resolutions are all part and parcel of a New Year and with January and it's inevitable resolution fails out of the way I implore you to uphold one resolution through this year and all the others that may follow; Be Farm Safe.

We all harp on about taking care of our assets and without a shadow of a doubt the hands of the farm are its greatest asset. That cracking piece of labour saving kit or those valuable stock won't start or look after themselves. You my welly clad friends are the oil without which all would eventually grind to a painful stop! Family, friends and workmen alike are all invaluable and we shouldn't forget these are the people whom we love, trust and respect enough that one day they might be the people taking care of business.

After perhaps being a little 'soap box' it is only fair that I point towards sources of information and practical guidance. Simply click on the foundations and campaigns images at the bottom of this post to be taken to their websites which will have all the information you'll need and much more.

Wishing you all a slightly belated but happy and farm safe New Year!

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