Wynnstay Premier Energy to help lift lambing percentage and profitability

In a perfect world every ewe should give birth to two lambs, but with an average lambing percentage of just 151% in the
UK, there is plenty of room for improvement especially where profitability from lamb returns is concerned.

The starting point is tupping, with ewe body condition and nutrition being fundamental to the success of this key stage of the production cycle. Ewes needing to gain, or even hold body condition during this critical time have similar energy requirements to a twin-bearing ewe in the run up to lambing. As grass quality declines later in the season, grass alone plus a mineral supplement will not be sufficient for the ewe to meet her requirements.

Offering a free access, molassed feed bucket not only reduces the workload of the producer, as they do not need to be put out daily, but also reduces stress on the animals, poaching around feeding areas and enables better forage utilisation. In addition, they supply essential energy and protein to help ewes to reach and maintain an ideal body condition. A recent analysis of 12 independent tupping studies from around the country, covering both lowland and hill flocks, conducted under a wide variety of conditions, demonstrated an increase in lambing percentage (up to 22%) when free access supplements were offered at tupping time. Scanning data from these trials also showed that the increases seen were largely due to a rise in the number of twin- bearing ewes and not an increased number of triplets.

Wynnstay Premier Energy, is a low moisture feed bucket suitable for feeding both ewes and tups from two weeks pre-tupping for eight weeks. The high energy level helps ewes to achieve, and maintain, the correct body condition for optimum reproductive performance whilst buckets also provide key elements such as cobalt and selenium which are important at this critical time.
Research using buckets pre-tupping and into early pregnancy has shown repeated, consistent benefits to performance and profitability – something producers cannot afford to ignore.