Supamet MP

Is a blend of C16:0 and C18:1 fatty acids based on the latest research done by Adam Lock for
early lactation cows. It will provide more effective energy to the cow to enable her to reach
peak yields and produce higher levels of energy corrected milk.

Dynamet MP

Is best used in early and mid-lactation cows due to lower levels of C16:0 and higher C18
fatty acids. C18:1 which improves the total digestibility of fatty acids and partitions nutrients
towards body reserves to help reduce body condition loss during Negative Energy Balance.
It also has higher levels of Omega 3 from marine oils proven to have a positive impact on
reproductive performance.


One of the additional benefits of these products is their ability to correct milk fat depression, a common problem at this
time of year.

Both of these new fats also contain a supplementary source of rumen available methionine and bypass methionine which have
been shown to be effective at manipulating butterfat levels. Fats are an essential part of our AminoMatch nutritional approach
when the milk potential from energy falls below the potential yield from metabolizable protein (MP). Supplementary fat will ensure
optimum performance.

For more information please ask your local Wynnstay Dairy Specialist, click here for details.