Given the variability and unpredictability of winter weather, it is hard to predict the parasite challenge for the next year. One thing for sure is that the most cost efficient way to grow animals is off grass and not attempt to catch up over winter when feed costs have to be taken into account. It is vital to ensure that parasitic gastroenteritis (PGE) caused by gut worms does not affect growth rate. This can reduce growth rate by up to 30% 1 resulting in a 30kg difference at finishing for animals. Young cattle should be regularly weighed and benchmarked against target growth rates typically 0.75 to 1kg/day for youngstock from grass. For uninterrupted growth through the grazing season, there are two options that offer immunity development and minimal handling. These are a pulse-release rumen bolus or long-acting 10% moxidectin treatment.

What about resistance management?

Accurate dosing of stock is crucial to resistance management (as per COWS guidance1).

For farmers concerned not to over-use the ML wormer group, which, for use in cattle, includes ivermectin, doramectin, prinomectin and the highly potent moxidectin, alternating use of AutowormTM one year and CYDECTIN® 10% the next is a valid strategy for season long control. 

Whatever options you have in mind, advanced planning is the way to maintain good animal health and maximise productivity from grassland.

What are my options?

• Cydectin 10% Long Acting Injection for Cattle – providing the opportunity for immunity development during treatment. Weight related dose rate; representing a cost efficient option for younger stock. No concern about missed doses in the summer when
the farming calendar intervenes coupled with a season long satisfaction guarantee • Autoworm – gives the opportunity to change the class of wormer on the farm as part of a resistance management protocol. No need to set stock and he opportunity to develop immunity due to the pulsatile release of the bolus, combined with a season long satisfaction guarantee.

• Cydectin 0.5% Pour-On for Cattle – a potent and persistent pour-on, with the longest dosing interval of any pour-on product. Benefits from a short meat withdrawal and suitable for all stock on the farm including dairy cows in the dry period (with a six day milk withdrawal)

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