It is very important to get the right size rug for your horse to prevent them from experiencing discomfort and to ensure the rug does not get damaged. Below we describe how to measure your horse properly for a rug so that they will have a rug to last many seasons. Rug fit may vary with each manufacturer.

Horse Rug Fitting Guide

Measure at the centrepoint of the chest (A), over the high point of the shoulder and to the centre of the tail (B). Then subtract 4" for a turnout rug and 6" for a stable rug.

  • Make sure that the tail is lifted over the fillet strap and that the strap is securely attached on both sides. This will prevent the rug from blowing forward. Where possible pull the tail through the strapping on the inside of the tail flap.
  • When closing the surgicles, ensure that they hang at least 10cm - 20cm below the horses belly.

Horse Rug Size Chart