The improved temperatures this week have increased average grass growth rate, which has accelerated to 81 kg DM/ha/day up 40 kg DM/ha/day from last week. The increased temperatures have also seen the temperature humidity index increase to 71, this is the upper limit for mild heat stress. A combination of a reduction in the average Dry Matter from 21.3 % to 19.3 % and average Est ME from 12.01 MJ/Kg DM to 11.83 MJ/kg DM this week has seen the potential milk yield from grazing fall by 4.2 litres per day down to M+11.6 litres. This highlights the influence that changes in grass dry matter has on bite dry matter weight, intake and ultimately potential milk yield from grazing. The falling ME also highlights that close attention should be given to silage crops and cutting date to strike a balance between both yield and quality. This week’s Crude Protein level at 21.1% continues to remain lower in comparison to last year at 22.4% and the 6 year average of 23.5%. This may reflect alterations in normal fertiliser applications due to the challenging conditions experienced over the last few months. Provided by Trouw Nutrition