It's well recognised that a freshly calved cow needs fluids. The process of calving takes considerably longer than is generally thought, due to the fact that the cow is often preoccupied for several hours beforehand and throughout the process of giving birth. At the point of calving she can be both dehydrated and in massive energy deficit and it is important to ensure a cow has access to fresh liquids immediately post calving. Here there are several options to consider, including:
  • Fresh water
  • Proprietary energy drinks
  • Fresh water/energy source plus minerals and vitamins
The industry-leading product Reviva is a well-established solution at this critical time and Agricentre are proud to have partnered with Trouw Nutrition to have Reviva produced for us and rebranded under our own label as Topstock Reviva.

Unique to Agricentre, Topstock Reviva presents the unique qualities and benefits of the existing Reviva product, under the cost-effective Topstock brand.

Topstock Reviva is a complementary feed for cows in the form of a powder that is mixed with water and offered to the cow immediately after calving. It is highly palatable and its unique properties help the cow to recover more quickly as well as stimulating feed intake.

Topstock Reviva is available in a variety of pack sizes to suit all units and is given to the cow once, immediately after calving and before ad libitum intake of water. The “KEY 3” months in a cows year are those around calving where 100’s of small transitions happen, taking her from a pregnant to fresh cow. We’re proud to be bringing innovation to one important part of this period where negative energy takes effect.