We are always looking at ways to bring both innovation and cost effective solutions to our customers. In many areas it is possible to hit these criteria, but in what can be considered "commodity" products, such as many of the products involved in dairy hygiene, it can be more difficult due to these chemicals being a 'standard' spec.

Farmer feedback told us that they were frustrated, with some suppliers capitalising on farmers' goodwill and accepting what were inflated prices for what are proven and common products. Two examples are dairy circulation cleaner and peracetic acid. So we decided to act. We undertook a project whereby we negotiated direct with the actual manufacturers of two industry-leading products and, based on very large bulk order savings on deliveries to our depots, were able to gain huge cost savings that we then passed on to you, our farmers.

These products have been exceptionally successful, with not only retention of customers, but also supplying an additional 250 (and counting!) farms. Feedback has been outstanding regarding the quality of the products and, backed up by our no-quibble free delivery service, this has proving compelling for farms.

We are proud to have achieved both innovation AND cost effectiveness with these products!