A case study with John Close, Coxhorne Farm, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham

John Close, a suckler beef herd farmer from Coxhorne Farm, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, credits the Cosecure bolus with improving herd fertility and yield, as well as increasing his herd’s productivity and improving the utilisation of ration inputs. “I have been farming at Coxhorne Farm in the Costwolds for more than 35 years. The first enterprise on the farm was dairy production which ceased in 1999 and was replaced by a suckler beef herd. The milking herd at Coxhorne was experiencing major problems with milk quality, low production output, poor fertility, un-thriftiness and mastitis. I had deductions on my milk price because of persistent low quality, cows not getting into calve, as well as increasing veterinary bills for fertility, mastitis and poor calf health. I tried copper concentrates and injections but saw no improvement. Blood and soil analysis indicated increased levels of molybdenum and very low levels of selenium in blood. My vet recommended Cosecure Cattle boluses; explaining that the Cosecure boluses have a unique formulation which means the trace elements (copper, cobalt and selenium) are rumen-available and can effectively target the high molybdenum and low selenium levels in a way that other boluses cannot. Over a short period of time herd fertility improved which had an overall benefit t of increased yield. We felt that the ration inputs were utilised and production predictions were met. The immune system in the cows improved and calves’ health saw and an improvement. When we first started using Cosecure, I was still involved in dairy farming and I feel that if we had not been introduced to Cosecure, we would not have carried on milking as it was becoming financially unviable. Nowadays I use Cosecure Cattle on my suckler herd, replacements and growing stock. It is something that I will never stop using.” There's nothing like a testimonial that is local.