Pulmosure is a complementary feed - designed to be mixed with, or top-dressed on, the calf feed - containing eucalyptus oil along with a natural form of vitamin E and organically bound selenium. Pulmosure serves two key functions; while the eucalyptus oil helps clear the airways and allow animals to breathe more easily, the other ingredients help strengthen the calf’s immune system.

Although we are heading out of the time of year when calves are at greater risk from the conditions that can make them more prone to respiratory problems, particularly pneumonia, it is worth noting that the respiratory system of beef and dairy calves is very vulnerable (only when the calf is two year’s old are the lungs fully mature) but sensible management can help alleviate the risk.

There can be benefits from feeding supplements that help calves maintain normal respiration. The use of essential oils, particularly eucalyptus oil, is well known to be beneficial in clearing the airways, and facilitating easy breathing in both humans and animals alike.

Feeding a supplement such as Pulmosure, to support the airways and help maintain a normal immune system, can help support other aspects of good management. By adding it to the feed it is possible to easily supplement all calves in the group simultaneously.

Pulmosure can be quickly and easily fed to a whole group of calves at one time, so protecting all the animals in the group. The recommended feed duration is one to three weeks. It can be used in conjunction with other products

Pulmosure can be a valuable component: one in a management strategy designed to reduce the impact of respiratory disease, others include; ventilation, hygiene and the reduction of group mixing and stress.

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