Maize 2018 Booklet

The Wynnstay team of experienced and knowledgeable specialists offer advice on every aspect of growing and feeding maize. From choosing the field and variety selection, to crop nutrition and weed control, to dietary and rationing advice, our technical staff have got it covered.

The thread which runs through the pages that follow is that, a good crop of maize is a cheap crop, whilst a poor crop of maize is very expensive indeed. It is attention to detail every step of the way, which produces the best crops and pays dividends in the long run.

Grow the crop on the right site, ensure pH and soil nutritional status are adequate, select the correct variety for your needs, control the weeds and nourish the crop. Then harvest at the correct stage and using the correct chop length, apply an appropriate additive, practice good clamp management and balance the ration accurately. There is much to consider to ensure maize achieves its full potential, but the rewards are substantial and as you will see in this guide, forage maize can be valued at £3,000 - £4,000/acre!

The Wynnstay specialists can help you get the most from your maize.

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