Holm & Laue 100 Computerised Calf Feeder

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The H & L 100 has the capability of rearing up to 100 calves through 4 feeding stations.  Each calf is identified electronically and fed milk which is mixed on demand and supplied to the calf within seconds.  The machine offers a more hygienic element to calf rearing as the tubing to the teat is rinsed after every visit, thus reducing diseases as well as an automated wash cycle twice a day. 

An anti-pirate valve is fitted to prevent other calves stealing milk.  A second mix bowl is available to allow simultaneous feeding of two calves.  Consistency and hygiene is crucial when rearing healthy, profitable calves and this machine offers just that when supplying calves the correct temperature and consistency of feed. 

The H & L 100 is weather proof and is able to with stand the British weather. The anti-freeze programme automatically switches itself on should temperatures drop. It also has a humidity proof powder reservoir as well as a fly shield. 

The machine boasts an integrated feeding computer with automatic system for registering new calves, flexitime feeding capabilities to avoid stressful, regular feeding times and power saving standby mode. 

This machine will offer flexibility on the farm and will notify the farmer if an animal has not received his feed via the alarm list function. 

  • 1 PowerMixer

  • Fresh, animal-specific preparation of milk, no storage system

  • Automatic restraint and transport of the milk into the nipple by station pump

  • Predatory milk valve for the prevention of dairy cows

  • Rinse aid pump for automatic cleaning of all milk-bearing parts

  • Cleaning temperature up to 65 ° C

  • Easy to clean stainless steel and plastic surfaces

  • Large powder reservoir for 50 kg MAT

  • Strong powder worm suitable for different MAT

  • Low filling height of 112 cm

  • Integrated feeding computer

  • 5 feed curves pre-set (including metabolic feed curve)

  • Adjustment of feed curves for each animal

  • Automatic registration of new calves

  • No stressful feeding times due to individual sliding time program

  • Storage capacity for 150 calves

  • Self-activating frost protection program

  • Powder chamber sealed against moisture

  • Standard fly protection

Product Description


To feed as many calves as possible as little as possible has been the main focus of computer-controlled portioning machines. 

Today, the technology has to adapt flexibly to changing breeding situations and, for example, to feed different feed programs with different feedstuffs, of course always adapted to the individual calf, taking into account optimal health.All these are characteristics that the drinking machine H & L 100 has been successfully applying in practice for years.

In growing plants, however, other factors are becoming more important: Ensuring maximum hygiene, storing and analysing important calf data and an effective work organisation in the calf stall are required in top companies.

The H & L 100 with its hygienic stations and the management program CalfGuide continually set new milestones in the field of automatic calf feeding. On the following pages you will learn how the H & L 100 will revolutionise your work in the calf stable!

Technical Specification

Power supply and heating power 400 V 16 A (6 kW) or 
230 V 16 A (3 kW)
Capacity at 4 stations Up to 100 calves 
(possibly up to 150 calves)
identification system Multireader HDX 
and FDX
Storage container milk powder 90 l / 50 kg
Pulvereinfüllhöhe 1.12 m
boiler volume 12 l
Dimensions H & L 100 0.6 x 0.7 x 1.21 m
Space requirement H & L 100 1 x 1 m

Additional Information

Additional Information

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