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Home-grown forage, especially good quality grass, is the most cost-effective livestock feed available, and at Wynnstay, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of grass seed mixtures to help producers maximise forage potential in this volatile time.

As a completely independent company, we can be confident in offering the very best varieties carefully selected from the Grass and Clover Recommended List, to produce high quality forage mixtures, and what’s more, we’re in control of the whole process from start to finish. From seed production with our own growers, to seed cleaning in our two purpose built seed plants, right through to formulating, mixing and delivering our own mixtures.

Every farm system is different, so we’re big believers that getting farm specific advice is essential. We endeavour to help with every aspect, and our Wynnstay Specialists are available on-farm and instore to offer advice on mixture choice, crop nutrition, crop protection and grassland management, to ensure you get optimum performance from your forage crops.

Grass Seed Mixtures

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Our mixture range consists of the highest quality ryegrass varieties available. The varieties which are included in our mixtures are all selected from the Recommended Grass and Clover List for England and Wales – which uses an independent and standardised testing system to compare performance.

Overseeding Grass Seed Mixtures

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Overseeding is a simple but effective way to rejuvenate old or damaged grass leys, without the cost implications associated with a complete reseed. Overseeding can also be more efficient and reduces the amount of time that home-grown grass forage is out of production.

Clover Seed Mixtures

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White Clover is used in medium and long term mixtures. It will move through the sward as it grows by stolons (long root-like stems that creep over the soil surface).

Red clover has a yield four times that of white clover and is one of the best forages for finishing lambs. Its ability to improve soil structure and increase fertility out-weigh the management issues associated with this species.

Chicory Seed Mixes

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Chicory is an excellent source of home-grown protein and is full of essential minerals. It is a very palatable grazing option for livestock, especially sheep, and shows excellent results in terms of animal daily liveweight gains – making it an ideal forage crop for finishing lambs. Chicory also provides rapid regrowth, with the productivity benefits potentially paying for extra seed costs in a single year. Chicory lasts for up to four years.

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A high yielding drought tolerant crop that provides an excellent source of home-produced protein. Lucerne has a deep tap root so it is able to mine minerals from the soil, pulling them up from depth and making them available to livestock via the forage. It is grown primarily for cutting with 3-4 cuts per year, followed by end of season grazing potential. With the correct management, Lucerne should persist for up to five years.

Organic Grass Seed Mixtures

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Wynnstay are fully licensed with Organic Farmers and Growers and have representation on the working group committee which decides how to interpret European directives with regard to organic seed. We are more than willing to put forward any comments from our customers at these meetings. The organic seed inclusion level for organic forage mixtures for 2019 is to stay the same at 70%. Wynnstay can offer organic alternatives to our conventional grass seed leys, as well as offering organic root seed options.

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Plantain is a palatable forage herb for sheep and cattle which can last up to four to five years. It is an excellent feed source during the summer period and provides essential minerals, including calcium.

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A festulolium is a cross between meadow fescues or tall fescues (Festucas) and Italian ryegrasses or perennials (Lolium). This creates a combination of the best characteristics from each type of grass species. For example, fescue grasses are valued for their improved stress tolerance but their yields and quality are well below ryegrass’.

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Why Choose Wynnstay? Our Grass Seed Journey

Selecting the correct Grass Varieties

Step 1 Selecting the correct grass varieties

We carefully study all trials information from the Recommended Grass and Clover List for England and Wales and regularly visit breeder trials. This enables us to pick and choose the best varieties to grow on contract, to produce seed for our mixture range.

Growing our own grass seed

Step 2: Growing our own grass seed

In order to ensure quality and value, we grow a large proportion of our grass seed on contract with local farms, primarily on the high grade, fertile soils of Herefordshire.

Cleaning our own grass seed

Step 3 Cleaning our own grass seed

This seed is cleaned at our modern, purpose built seed plant at Astley, Shrewsbury. Recently a new cleaning line was installed guaranteeing even higher purity standards are achieved.

Analysis of our own grass seed

Step 4: Analysis of our own grass seed

Our grass seed is sent to the laboratory for rigorous testing to ensure that we have the highest purity and germination results, ensuring all seed meets HVS (Higher Voluntary Standard).

Formulating our own grass seed mix

Step 5 Formulating our own grass mixtures

We select the best varieties in each category to ensure optimum mixture performance.

Mixing our own grass seed

Step 6: Mixing our own grass mixtures

Whether it is a mixture from our standard range or a bespoke mixture, our on-site mixing facilities mean that we have the flexibility to mix what we need, when we need it. This ensures prompt delivery onto farm.

Selling our own grass seed

Step 7: Selling our own grass mixtures

Our dedicated sales force has the experience and knowledge to advise you on what mixture would suit your farm enterprise, so that you get the most out of your grass ley.

Delivering our own seed

Step 8: Delivering our own grass mixtures

When required, we will deliver all standard mixtures and small seeds the next working day

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