Poultry Feed

Wynnstay offers a wide range of chicken, turkey and pheasant feed. Our range includes poultry growers pellets, layers pellets for laying hens and chick crumbs. All of which are made using high-quality raw materials.

By using the highest quality formulations of proteins, cereals, oils, vitamins and minerals, Wynnstay creates tailored layer rations that help provide exceptional egg production with good yolk colour and eggshell development. We consistently exceed the breeder performance targets in both egg numbers and egg weight. 

The Wynnstay sales team ensures all customer needs are met efficiently and offer professional farm advice for balancing home-grown feeds. Our technical support team have access to the most modern tools available. Allowing us to help customers manage their business and target high responses from their investment in our feeds.

Wynnstay Feeds are built on proud traditions of superior performance and as we expand into new areas those same values of pride in performance will continue to be the hallmark of the Wynnstay people and products.

For further advice regarding our range of feed, speak to our team of specialists, click here.

Feed Additives

Wynnstay offer a comprehensive range of poultry feed additives to provide enhancements to a carefully balanced and complete diet. All of the available poultry feed additives have been carefully selected to offer the opportunity to target a wide range of situations that may need additional nutritional support.


When exploring which additives may benefit the flock, it is important to take into consideration the following:

• Flock age

• Parasites

• Disease

• Production system

• Environmental pressure

• Health

• Breed

• Stress

• Target egg market


Parasite control in poultry is paramount in ensuring a healthy and productive flock. Wynnstay have a number of treatments available to control infestations. These treatments can be included in feeds for Turkeys, Pheasants and Chickens. For laying hens a treatment of Flubenvet is available for worm control with zero egg withdrawal. We recommend taking a regular FEC and consulting a vet or SQP to make judgments on the needed treatment.


NOTE: Please contact one of the Poultry Specialists to discuss your specific requirements.

Wynnstay offers the following poultry feed additives

  • Yolk Pigments
  • Gut Health - Actigen
  • Gut Health - Farmagulator
  • Gut Health - Salgard
  • Gut Health and Stress - Orego-Strim
  • Skeleton and Shell Strength - Pidolin PCA
  • Skeleton and Shell Strength - Oyster Shell
  • Fibre - Arbocel
  • Flubenvet

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