Pig Feed

Wynnstay Agriculture offers a range of our own specially formulated pig pellets. Our collection of animal feed contains high quality and raw ingredients which offers maximum nutritional gain for your pigs’ diet  in their growth and development, ideal for creep feeding on the farm.

The are currently small range of agricultural pig feed that are exclusive to Wynnstay, they are; SupaFinisher pellets,designed for pigs which are 16-22 weeks old and are 65-100kg in weight. SupaGrower pellets are best for pigs which are 10-16 weeks old and are 35-65kg in weight and finally SupaWean pellets are best for pigs which are 4-10 weeks old and are 7-35kg in weight. All options are available in 20kg bags, 500kg totes or bulk (4t minimum).