View our range of specially formulated livestock feed, developed to support a balanced diet. Wynnstay offer a wide collection of own brand feed, supplying many farms across the UK. With over 100 years of experience in livestock feed, our team of specialists can help you with any queries. 

Cattle Feed - The Wynngold collection will maintain a healthy and balanced diet for your herd. Our range of Calf Milks are specially formulated to offer your calf the very best start in life. For more information of calf milks, speak to our Calf and Youngstock team.

Sheep Feed - View our range of Sheep feed, choose from the Ewemaster pellets or our energy buckets. Formulated to support Rams, Ewes and Lambs. 

Pig Feed - Wynnstay Agriculture offers a range of our own specially formulated pig pellets. Our collection of animal feed contains high quality and raw ingredients which offers maximum nutritional gain for your pigs’ diet  in their growth and development, ideal for creep feeding on the farm.

Poultry Feed - Provide your flock with a balanced and nutritious diet using the Wynnstay poultry feed range. Our pellets are specifically designed for particular age ranges in order to provide the very best nutrients, targeted to aid growth and development.

Working Dog - Maintain a healthy working dog with our working dog feed. Featuring the well known Wynner Working Dog.

Feed Blocks and Buckets - Shop our range of feed blocks and buckets. Our collection of agriculture feed blocks contain essential minerals and vitamins, specially formulated for livestock.