Wynnstay Mineral Audit


Wynnstay's mineral audit is a service available to all customers, bringing a responsable approach to mineral nutrition.

Soil Mineral Content


Mineral Content • Soil Type • Region

Grows the base of the diet.

Analyse the forage


Forage is the base of the diet and can vary in mineral content

Asses the whole ration


Different feeds have different mineral content, so it is important to check the whole diet to assess the total mineral supply.

Cow Requirements


Does the diet meet the mineral requirements of the cow?

Formulate Bespoke Mineral


The Wynnstay team can advise on the most suitable and cost-effective mineral supplement for your farm.

Our Wynnstay Specialists are on-hand to offer you advice on the specific type of supplements that will enhance your livestock from our enhanced Mineral Range through our Mineral Audit. This is an important service because a deficiency of essential minerals could result in poor production in your herd or flock and, in turn, lead to a big and unwelcome dent in your profits.

This is because when your livestock are deficient in one essential mineral, they will probably be deficient in two or more other essential minerals too. 

The Mineral Audit will review the following:

  • Assessment of current ration/s of early, mid, late lactation, dry cows and youngstock
  • Consideration of all other sources of minerals being fed including boluses, drinking water etc
  • Laboratory analysis of grass silage
  • Comparison with up-to-date mineral targets related to milk yield or animal type, enables a customised mineral specification to be formulated
  • The capability to balance complete diets in terms of minerals and micronutrients enables animal production to be supported, while avoiding mineral-related deficiency diseases which adversely affect health, fertility and production
  • Monitoring of the effects of feeding customised minerals, including milk analysis

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