Poultry Farming Supplies

Wynnstay has a strong tradition in British poultry, having been involved in the poultry industry since 1956. Over time, Wynnstay has grown its experience, skills and knowledge to become one of the leading poultry feed producers in the UK. 

Hygiene - Maintain a high level of hygiene with our range of disinfectants and bedding powder. By maintaining a high standard of cleanliness, you can improve animal health, ward off avian influenza and has a good animal welfare level.

Pest Control -  Whether it is rats, lice or flies, we offer a range of pest control solutions.

Fencing - Adequate fencing will allow for your free-range chickens to roam without the worry of any predators getting in, or birds getting out.

Hardware - Investing in essential tools can improve on-farm productivity, allowing you to maximise poultry production.

Feed - By using the highest quality formulations of proteins, cereals, oils, vitamins and minerals, Wynnstay creates tailored layer rations that help to provide exceptional egg production.

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