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Why use Pulmosure S?

  • Pulmosure S has been specifically designed for the addition into whole milk or rehydrated milk replacer.

  • Pulmosure S is formulated to mix easily into milk and is fully soluble.

  • Pulmosure S allows individual calves to be fed Pulmosure S in situations where inclusion into the milk powder may not be appropriate for the group.

  • Pulmosure S contains saponins, cineol and terpenoids which are plant extracts with functional properties which help support intestinal mucosal integrity and absorption of nutrients.

Once the first warning signs occur, it is important to act quickly and support the respiratory tract’s primary defense mechanism. The upper parts of respiratory tract contain so-called goblet cells. These produce a mucous layer that covers the inner lining of the tract and traps unwanted particles inhaled by the calf.

The inner lining of the respiratory tract also contains tiny hairs called cilia. These move the mucous layer outwards, clearing the lungs of these inhaled particles. This system is called the MUCOCILIARY CLEARANCE SYSTEM.

In the early stage of a respiratory problem the mucociliary clearance system is suppressed, making the calf’s respiratory tract vulnerable. Farm-O-San Pulmosure S contains eucalyptus oil which helps boost mucociliary clearance by increasing mucous production.

Product Description


What is Pulmosure?

Farm-O-San Pulmosure is a complementary feed for calves, containing an essential oil that supports breathing and clearing of the airways. Farm-O-San Pulmosure also contains a natural form of vitamin E and organically bound selenium in order to support the immune function.

How does Pulmosure benefit calves?

The respiratory tract of calves is challenged the most from the fourth to sixth weeks of life onwards, sometimes up to 10 months of age. Changing weather conditions, high humidity (>80%), large temperature differences between day and night and a poor housing climate may have a negative effect on the condition of the airways of calves. Inadequate ventilation, crowded housing, mixing calves from different sources and transportation may result in a decrease in the calves’ respiratory condition.

The function of eucalyptus oil

The use of eucalyptus oil in animal production has proven to be valuable. In a study by Soltan (2009) several beneficial effects on animal health and production related to eucalyptus oil in different compositions during the pre- and post-weaning periods for calves were indicated.

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