Diet Check & Feed Programmes

The Dairy Check and Feed Programme, allows our specialists to create as many rations as needed by defining the performance of all animals (breed, stage of lactation, milk yield, milk composition, fat mobilisation change, condition score, growth rate, grazing or indoor feeding).

They can select from an extensive library of feeds as well as your own analysed feeds. Rations are then formulated and nutrient supply and animal requirements can be viewed instantly.

The most appropriate compound and/or blended feeds are then recommended. Bespoke mixes, blends, minerals and supplements can also be formulated.

The program also compares diets with the powerful ‘what-if’ function and an Optimise (least cost) function for farm or supplement/mix formulations.

Simple, practical ration reports, farm premix and TMR mixing sheets can be e-mailed directly to you.


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