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Wash Audits

When bactoscan’s start to rise a wash audit is an independent unbiased service that Wynnstay can provide, which will determine whether the wash temperature profile is correct and whether a suitable formulation of product is being used. We can also check to ensure that the correct strength of chemical is being used.

Full Hygiene Audits

When both cell count and bactoscan are higher than you would expect then Wynnstay can offer you an independent unbiased full farm hygiene audit, which will look at all aspects of dairy hygiene on your farm. From viewing the milking routine, carrying out a full wash audit, inspecting the bulk tank, analysis of both the milking herd housing and dry cow environments through to going through farm records such as NMR records to build up a full picture of hygiene challenges on your farm. A full report can be put together listing the main issues, with recommendations being made to maximise your income.

Bactoscan Report Analysis

These days many dairy farmers are using services provided by NML (National Milk Laboratories) to get a report of their current bactoscan position. Adrian Morgan, the Wynnstay Dairy Hygiene Specialist has many years’ experience in analysing these reports and making the necessary recommendations to help reduce the bactoscan challenge on your farm.

Somatic Cell Count Analysis (PCR Report)

Along with the Bactoscan Report NML also use the latest PCR technology to evaluate the different strains of mastitic pathogens that are found in raw untreated milk and produce a report to show the different levels of each strain. Once again the Wynnstay Dairy Hygiene Specialist has been extensively trained to analyse these reports and to make the most suitable recommendations for your individual farm based on your unique results.



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