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Why 80/20?

Transition period refers to six weeks prior to calving and three weeks post calving. Although this accounts for only 20% of the production cycle, research across the globe has shown that it has a major influence on the subsequent 80% of the production cycle.

Transition Nutrition Products

Wynnstay have a range of Transition related products designed to promote a healthy and profitable transition. 

The goal in the last three weeks before calving is to help reduce disorders around calving and ease the transition to a lactating programme. To meet all criteria, the correct amounts of energy, protein, vitamins, minerals and forage must be fed, whilst maximising intakes and providing the optimum environment for the cow.

Dairy Feeds 80/20

Transition Cow Feeds

8 weeks to 3 weeks pre-calving

At drying off, cows should have a body condition score of 2.75 - 3.0, the goal is to maintain a healthy rumen with a bulky forage ration. Typical ration for dry cows from eight weeks to three weeks before calving:

  • Restricted grass silage or grazing
  • 3 - 4kg chopped straw*
  • Free choice dry cow Minpot
  • Clean, fresh water

3 weeks pre-calving to calving

The goal in the last three weeks before calving is to help reduce disorders around calving and ease the transition to a lactating programme. To meet all criteria, a correct amount of energy, protein, vitamins, minerals and forage must be fed. Intake is also important because frequently there is a loss of appetite as calving time nears.

Recharge 80/20

Mineralised high spec dry cow blend for high performing dairy cows

Formulated to meet the MP requirements of high yielding dairy cows, contains; prairie meal; protected choline, methionine and B vitamins to improve liver function and prevent ketosis post calving; omega oils for improved fertility; high levels of vitamin E to boost immunity.

Typical diet:
10kg maize silage
10kg grass silage
3-4kg chopped straw*
1kg Recharge

Dry Tec 80/20 Nuts

Designed to be fed from three weeks pre-calving

A balanced concentrate to ensure your cows and heifers get the very best preparation for the next lactation. Containing high levels of DUP to enable higher milk protein levels in lactation, lactose to encourage good rumen papillae growth and a double healthcare supplement pack to optimise health and fertility; before, at, and post-calving.

Typical diet:
25 - 30kg grass silage
3 - 4kg chopped straw*
2 - 3kg Dry Tec 80/20 nuts

Prepare 80/20 Nuts

Designed to be fed from three weeks pre-calving where milk fevers are more than 5%

Prepare nuts are a semi-DCAB approach to dry cow feeding, enabling higher levels of grass and/or grass silage based diets to be fed with much less risk of milk fevers.

Typical diet:
20 - 25kg grass silage
4kgs chopped straw
2.5 - 3kg Prepare 80/20 nuts

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