Cattle Masterlyx High Mag 20kg

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  • Helps maintain normal blood magnesium to reduce the risk of hypomagnesaemia (staggers/grass tetany).

  • This is a cooked product with a very low moisture content.

  • Feed low quality forage - ideally a mixture of straw/silage or poor grazing in order to stimulate continued rumination and high intakes of bulky feeds without the cows becoming fat.

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Product Description


The Cattle Masterlyx High Mag 20kg provides a highly palatable form of magnesium readily consumed even by grazing cattle in the spring.

Usage Rates

  • Use at a rate of one bucket per 5 head of stock; making sure to use more than one bucket in order to prevent bullying.  
  • Days based on daily intakes - Spring Grazing: 27 days at 150g/day. Autumn Grazing: 16 days at 250g/day

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