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Benefits & Utilisation of Forage Crops

Forage root crops are ideal for supplementing livestock rations, particularly during periods when fodder supplies are limited. Root crops are palatable and provide good feed quality, whilst requiring relatively low inputs. Wynnstay supplies a wide range of root and catch options for livestock enterprises, including fodder beet, swedes, kale, stubble turnips and forage rape. These can all be supplied as straights or they can be mixed to suit individual requirements.

Fodder Beet

Fodder Beet

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Fodder beet offers a high yield potential and produces a good quality feed ideal for dairy and beef cows as well as sheep. Fodder beet is a hardy beet and has the benefit of a flexible harvest window. We offer beets that can be grazed in situ or lifted.

Swede Seeds


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Swedes offer a number of benefits as a fodder for dairy, beef and sheep. Swede are ideal for adding energy into diets of livestock at a low cost. Our range of swedes offers high yields and high DM, we also have varieties that can be utilised post and pre Christmas.

Kale Seed

Forage Kale

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Forage Kale is an ideal winter feeding crop for dairy, beef and sheep livestock. It shows incredible resistance against insects and is high yielding. It offers livestock a high crude protein content, as well as being a quality out-wintering forage crop.


Stubble & Maincrop Turnip

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Stubble Turnips: Stubble turnips is a low input crop, that will help reduce winter feed costs. It is a fast-growing catch crop, that is quick to establish. We have found stubble turnips are ideal for finishing lambs.

Maincrop Turnips: Maincrop turnips are another low input crop, it also provides excellent fresh weight yields. It is a palatable grazing crop for livestock in the autumn and winter, that supports a high energy content.

Forage Rape

Forage Rape

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Forage Rape in a low input crop, ideal for fattening lambs, due to its high protein content. Forage rape is a quick-growing crop, ready to use 10-12 weeks after sowing, it has a wide sowing window and utilisation period.

Catch Crop

Catch Crops

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Catch crop mixtures offer a well-balanced forage mixture, with an extended utilisation period and improved winter hardiness. Catch crop mixtures offer high energy and protein levels.

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