Calf 35

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  • Fast milking

  • Excellent teat health

  • Better animal longevity

  • Almost no cup slip milking at 35-36kPa vacuum

  • Great financial savings in animal health

  • Removes stress by creating a more pleasant environment for animals and people

  • Maintains a consistent pressure differential at all times- imitating a calf

  • Milking at a natural 35kPa vacuum

  • SurePulse inserts and liners can be puchased seperately

Product Description


Calf 35 employs revolutionary technology by following the time-proven milking pressures of nature. Calf 35 employs pressures and vacuums at 35kPa, imitating a suckling calf. This ensures fast milking, almost no cup slip milking, excellent teat health, greater animal longetivity and greater financial savings in animal health. Milking at 35kPa does not put un-natural pressure on your cows teat, ensuring brilliant teat health. Calf 35 delivers a controlled introduction of positive air to close the liner at the correct pressure in the variable milking conditions, and continues to maintain a consistent pressure differential at all times- imitating a calf. The positive air pressure causes the liner to grip the teat which stops cup slip.

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Additional Information

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