Bock Super 7 Silage Sheet

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Brand new 7 layer technology - thanks to an innovative production technology Super 7 is made of 7 different layers with each layer a different thickness (conventional films are made of only 3 layers). Due to this special mix of materials you get a silage film that is incredibly strong but still extremely smooth and flexible, which means the traditional cling film layer is no longer needed.

  • Oxygen permeability <2cm³/cm²/24 hours

  • Top layer - white (reflects sunlight)

  • Bottom layer - silver (extra UV protection)

  • Manufactured from raw materials

  • UV stability - guaranteed for 18 months

  • Thickness - 85 microns

  • Can be used in temperatures between -50°C to +70°C

  • High strength and puncture-resistant

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Product Description


Expertly created using a combination of materials resulting in a strong and flexible sheet.

The Super 7 Silage Sheet is a single 85µ sheet that replaces the cling film under layer and top sheet. The clamp will require covering only once, which saves a lot of time and reduces the need for additional assistance.

Improved o2 barrier – <2cm³/m²/24 hours compared to a standard silage sheet that is 250cm³/m²/24 hours. This means much less oxygen is entering your silage, which virtually eliminates waste.

This is a significantly stronger clamp sheet  because it is manufactured from 100% raw materials instead of cheaper recycled alternatives.

Both durable and tear resistant, you can work without the fear of the sheet being damaged, ripped or punctured. The sheet itself is still thin enough to securely cover the silage, creating an airtight seal that reduces oxygen an levels.

It possesses a white surface that helps to reflect sunlight and prevents heating of the silage, inhibiting mould and bacteria growth. Super 7 is UV stable (guaranteed for 18 months) and is fully recyclable.

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