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Making Youngstock Rearing Stack Up

By Mark Price 2 months ago

The cost of growing beef for finishing, the store cattle market or for rearing dairy replacement heifers, can put huge financial pressure on your business. Whatever system employed, realising a sustainable profit once all costs are considered can be challenging. With increasing fixed costs, an ever-uncertain political landscape and opportunity cost of the assets used, it is as important as ever that operators remain as efficient as possible to generate profit.

Cost Implications of Imbalanced Finishing Rations

By Bethany May 2 months ago

With high numbers of dairy x beef calves entering the beef chain (and the current beef price not setting the world alight), it is important to consider potential finishing rations and their cost implications.

Disease Focus On Mycoplasma

By Jessica Yeomans 3 months ago

A hot topic among many farmers and vets is the issue of Mycoplasma. With New Zealand enforcing an aggressive culling policy on infected cows it raises the questions; do we know enough about it? Are we being proactive? So it goes without saying that prevention is better than a cure, especially when discussing calf health and performance.

Responsible Mineral Nutrition for Youngstock

By Anna Roberts 3 months ago

Whether our aim is to improve growth from our youngstock, improve feed conversion rates of our beef animals, or to just simply produce more milk from dairy cows, one sure way to enhance this is by increasing nutrient utilisation. This is a free tool - we just need to learn how to use it to our advantage.

Calf Team Study Tours

By Laura Monk 3 months ago

Read about the Calf Team study tour to Bavaria, Germany and Northern Ireland. Calf & Youngstock specialist, Laura Monk discusses her take home messages.

Dengrove Farm Calf-Rearing Focus ‘We Aim to Rear 1000 Calves by 2020’

By Millie Hendy 4 months ago

Those who have worked with me know my opinion regarding beef and dairy calves - a calf is a calf! Whether beef or dairy, it should be reared to the highest standard, and the first 3 months is when they are most feed-efficient, therefore enhancing higher daily live weight gains. Nutrition is not the only area we should focus on, we also have to consider health and housing in order to maximise calf performance.

The First Meal Is a Big Deal

By Sammy Howorth 4 months ago

When discussing colostrum management, attention is often focused around the calf. However, to produce a quality-first feed we need to begin with the cow in her transition period. Dam colostrum contains farm-specific antibodies making it so valuable to the calves on that farm - providing protection against the pathogens, they are most likely to encounter. Diet and management of the dry cow directly influence the quality of colostrum she is able to produce.

Question and Answers with Jamie Robertson, Housing Specialist

By Elinor Thomas 4 months ago

As Calf & Youngstock Specialists we are often discussing youngstock housing on farm. Whether that be advice on adapting existing buildings, or erecting new structures with youngstock in mind.

Are Automated Feeders the Future of Calf Rearing?

By Eimear Diamond 4 months ago

You have done the hard bit…figured out where you’re going to source calves from, what powder to feed them, and what starter feed is best. Now you are faced with the many options for how to feed the chosen milk powder, and with those options, host a range of costings.

What's New In Calf Rearing?

By Jess Charlton 4 months ago

Calf rearing is a forever-changing topic as we constantly learn and improve how calves are reared. Below is a summary of what’s new in calf rearing, some hot topics and buzzwords.