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Question and Answers with Jamie Robertson, Housing Specialist

By Elinor Thomas Yesterday

As Calf & Youngstock Specialists we are often discussing youngstock housing on farm. Whether that be advice on adapting existing buildings, or erecting new structures with youngstock in mind.

Are Automated Feeders the Future of Calf Rearing?

By Eimear Diamond 7 days ago

You have done the hard bit…figured out where you’re going to source calves from, what powder to feed them, and what starter feed is best. Now you are faced with the many options for how to feed the chosen milk powder, and with those options, host a range of costings.

What's New In Calf Rearing?

By Jess Charlton 15 days ago

Calf rearing is a forever-changing topic as we constantly learn and improve how calves are reared. Below is a summary of what’s new in calf rearing, some hot topics and buzzwords.

There's More to Colostrum Than Passive Immunity

By Nick White 15 days ago

The importance of a colostrum to a calf is well known and can’t be over stated. Guaranteeing a calf receives an adequate amount of good-quality colostrum soon after birth, is one of the most important things to ensure strong, healthy growth and will have a major impact on farm profitability.

Let’s focus on what we can control

By Sammy Howorth 5 months ago

Far too often calf rearers get caught up blaming “uncontrollable factors”, mainly the weather, for poor growth rates or poor health in their calves. But arguably, doing a better job of things that are within our control would produce a stronger calf able to deal with additional challenges.

ELIXIR – Energised Calf Milk (ECM)

By Jessica Charlton 8 months ago

From its launch in September 2018, ELIXIR - the first in a category of Energised Calf Milk replacers – has continued to receive extremely positive Farmer feedback on how well the calves look, how great their appetite is and how content the calves appear to be.

Wynnstay Calf & Youngstock Convention 2018

By Rebecca Richards 11 months ago

Bringing leading industry experts together to enhance the learning experience for rearing better, healthier and more profitable calves.

What makes a good calf rearer?

By Jessica Charlton 1 years ago

During my visits on farm I have found a common topic keeps popping up- staff; lack of it and lack of quality staff. Recently we found ourselves without a calf rearer on the farm and, this got me thinking;

  • What makes a good calf rearer?
  • What qualities should we be looking for?
  • How can the right person improve performance of calves on the unit?

Advanced Calf Starter Feeds

By Wynnstay Dairy News 4 years ago

Discover Wynnstay's range of calf starter feeds, speak to your local Calf & Youngstock specialist for more information.

DairyCo 0 3 Qs of Colostrum Management

By Wynnstay Dairy Team 4 years ago

Watch the latest video from DairyCo, on the 3 Qs of colostrum management.