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Planning ahead is a top priority for weed control

By Wynnstay Arable Team 2 years ago

Planning ahead is a top priority for weed control

Clearfield® system – the answer to effective weed control in OSR

By Wynnstay Arable Team 3 years ago

Clearfield® is a unique system for oilseed rape that combines hybrid seed varieties and high quality BASF herbicides for the most effective way to approach weed control in OSR.

Autumn spraying key to grass weed control

By Pinstone 4 years ago

Prioritising herbicide applications on newly drilled grass leys this autumn will be more effective than waiting until the spring and hold potential saving for farmers.

Maize - Do Not Neglect Weed Control

By Rufus Ulyet 4 years ago

Maize has traditionally been a neglected crop in terms of weed control.

Get Tough with Thistles

By Wynnstay Dairy News 5 years ago

Thistles come a close second to docks in the list of most troublesome perennial weeds in grassland. The most common thistle species in the UK are spear thistle and creeping thistle.

Weed Control In Newly Sown Leys

By Wynnstay Dairy Team 5 years ago

Establishing a new ley is an expensive business so it is important to ensure it establishes evenly and rapidly to be as productive as possible.