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Making Full Use of the Rumen

By Iwan Vaughan 2 months ago

Ruminants are fascinating creatures. What sets them apart from monogastric organisms with one simple stomach, is that they possess a huge fermentation chamber - the rumen. The rumen is full of a microbial population made up of bacteria, protozoa and fungi. This microbial population is able to break down forage and raw materials, that aren’t edible for humans into essential nutrients that can be used for body function and performance.

Using Multicut To Your Advantage

By Mark Price 4 months ago

For the last few years, the industry has been advising grass silage producers to cut little and often to maximise the energy and protein yield form their silage ground.

Grazing Management - the Key to a Successful Grazing Season

By Rachel Gardner 4 months ago

In the dairy industry where margins are often tight, making the most out of home-grown forages is key. Grazed grass is the cheapest feed on the farm yet often it is not utilized to its full potential.

Let’s focus on what we can control

By Sammy Howorth 5 months ago

Far too often calf rearers get caught up blaming “uncontrollable factors”, mainly the weather, for poor growth rates or poor health in their calves. But arguably, doing a better job of things that are within our control would produce a stronger calf able to deal with additional challenges.

Benefits of Feeding a Higher Plane of Nutrition

By Elinor Thomas 5 months ago

It has become evident that in recent years nutrition and management in the first weeks of life can have long term effect on production. Restricted feeding is considered to be short term cost effective, encourages earlier weaning and produces a reasonably productive cow.

Feet Health; Digital Dermatitis in Heifers

By Alasdair Taylor 6 months ago

Digital Dermatitis (DD) is a highly infectious disease, with associated costs due to loss of production, ranging from £75 - £81 per case (N.Bell), so minimising its effects are a no brainer, especially as DD can be under diagnosed in many herds.

Feeding for Best Performance

By Alasdair Taylor 8 months ago

Feeding for best performance revolves around better understanding a cow’s nutritional demands, and how feed is broken down and used in the digestion system.

ELIXIR – Energised Calf Milk (ECM)

By Jessica Charlton 8 months ago

From its launch in September 2018, ELIXIR - the first in a category of Energised Calf Milk replacers – has continued to receive extremely positive Farmer feedback on how well the calves look, how great their appetite is and how content the calves appear to be.

Dairy Farm Mineral Audit

By Steve Brown 10 months ago

Although minerals only account for about 5% of total ruminant nutrition they have a disproportionate role in supporting energy and protein yielding nutrients required to maintain animal health, fertility and production.

Combating Heat Stress is a Necessity

By Rachel Gardner 11 months ago

High temperatures in a humid environment have a significant negative impact upon the dairy cow. Cows suffer from heat stress at temperatures as low as 22°C, as it is the combination of heat and humidity that influences the cow’s ability to thermo-regulate body temperature. Figure 1 shows cows will suffer heat stress when the temperature-humidity index (THI) value is above 68. A THI value of >75 cows will suffer from severe heat stress causing a significant decrease in performance due to not being able to maintain her normal body temperature (38.5 – 38.8°C).