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Managing Spring Born Heifers at Grass

By Jessica Yeomans, Calf & Youngstock Specialist 3 months ago

Our advice on how you get your spring born heifers to grow, and keep growing!

With the spring calving season upon us it is important to think ahead to the imminent grazing season and how to get the calves born this spring (Feb-April) to grow well and efficiently.

Do Your Sums Before Buying the Feed You Need

By Mark Price 1 years ago

We are coming out of one of the toughest winters in terms of forage stocks in recent memory and although the grass is not blowing in the wind quite yet, there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is time to be planning forage stocks.

Using Multicut To Your Advantage

By Mark Price 1 years ago

For the last few years, the industry has been advising grass silage producers to cut little and often to maximise the energy and protein yield form their silage ground.

Aminomatch - Increase Utilisation of Grazed Grass Through Supplementation

By Iwan Vaughan 1 years ago

The western side of the UK has the potential to be one of the best grass growing regions of the world. However, are we fully utilising this quality feed source to our advantage?

Grazing Management - the Key to a Successful Grazing Season

By Rachel Gardner 1 years ago

In the dairy industry where margins are often tight, making the most out of home-grown forages is key. Grazed grass is the cheapest feed on the farm yet often it is not utilized to its full potential.

Feet Health; Digital Dermatitis in Heifers

By Alasdair Taylor 1 years ago

Digital Dermatitis (DD) is a highly infectious disease, with associated costs due to loss of production, ranging from £75 - £81 per case (N.Bell), so minimising its effects are a no brainer, especially as DD can be under diagnosed in many herds.

Farm Utilisation

By Mark Price 1 years ago

When we talk farm costings, farm efficiency, and performance monitoring, we need to talk about figures that are relevant to everyone and lead to tangible information, leading to informed decisions. We believe forage utilisation per ha (FUH) is the best figure to do this.

Hoof Health - A Trait of Major Economic Importance

By Martin Hope 2 years ago

Today’s dairy cow deals with some significant challenges in meeting the expectations of the modern dairy industry. Some of these challenges include the demands associated with unprecedented levels of production, the expectation of high reproductive performance, the use of high energy rations, and being exposed to other stresses on a modern dairy farm.

Feeding for Best Performance

By Alasdair Taylor 2 years ago

Feeding for best performance revolves around better understanding a cow’s nutritional demands, and how feed is broken down and used in the digestion system.

Transition Management - “Place Your Name Here”

By Ken March 2 years ago

If our fresh cows have a problem on our dairies, that problem has a first and last name and it’s place Your name here.