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Using Multicut To Your Advantage

By Mark Price 2 months ago

For the last few years, the industry has been advising grass silage producers to cut little and often to maximise the energy and protein yield form their silage ground.

Dairy Farm Mineral Audit

By Steve Brown 8 months ago

Although minerals only account for about 5% of total ruminant nutrition they have a disproportionate role in supporting energy and protein yielding nutrients required to maintain animal health, fertility and production.

Extending Depleted Forage Stocks

By Wynnstay Dairy Technical Services 8 months ago

It’s been a difficult season to say the least! The drought of 2018 has had a drastic effect on forage stocks which have been reserved for winter feeding with Dry Matter (DM) yields of grass on farm estimated to be down up to 50% compared to 2017.

Heatwave remains number one topic

By Martin 10 months ago

The conversation among UK farmers remains the same – what are we going to do about the lack of grass? The very late and wet spring has been compounded by a prolonged heatwave, leaving dairy producers struggling with grass availability for grazing and silage.

Wynnstay forage event at Leominster store – 23rd Feb

By Pinstone 2 years ago

Visit the Leominster store on Thursday 23rd February to discuss all things forage – from free bespoke advice from Wynnstay specialists, to one-off offers on selected forage input products.

Forage and feed waste – keep it under control

By Martin 2 years ago

It is estimated that 5-30% of feed and forage purchased and produced on dairy farms will be lost annually. Those farmers who keep good records will have an idea of the amount of feed actually fed out at all times but, even then, actual feed loss is still occurring. Unless records are kept how do we even start to quantify this on farm and, worse still, how do we know what it is costing us?

Ewes, Better Use of Forage

By CorrinaJeffreys 4 years ago

Lleyn Sheep - Ewe Forage Lleyn Sheep 

Farmers who give their ewes a trace element bolus a month before tupping are achieving tighter lambing periods.

Selenium, cobalt, iodine and copper are all production limiters if not supplemented properly.