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Do Your Sums Before Buying the Feed You Need

By Mark Price 10 months ago

We are coming out of one of the toughest winters in terms of forage stocks in recent memory and although the grass is not blowing in the wind quite yet, there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is time to be planning forage stocks.

Using Multicut To Your Advantage

By Mark Price 11 months ago

For the last few years, the industry has been advising grass silage producers to cut little and often to maximise the energy and protein yield form their silage ground.

Farm Utilisation

By Mark Price 1 years ago

When we talk farm costings, farm efficiency, and performance monitoring, we need to talk about figures that are relevant to everyone and lead to tangible information, leading to informed decisions. We believe forage utilisation per ha (FUH) is the best figure to do this.

Dairy Farm Mineral Audit

By Steve Brown 1 years ago

Although minerals only account for about 5% of total ruminant nutrition they have a disproportionate role in supporting energy and protein yielding nutrients required to maintain animal health, fertility and production.

Get Ready for Maize Harvest

By Mark Price 1 years ago

With Maize crops looking forward in most areas, it is time to be thinking about maize harvest. Maize on many farms this winter and through into next year, will make up more of the ration than ever and with feed prices at record highs, getting the crop off and clamped in the best condition possible is a must.

Elevated Milk Feeding has the Potential to Effect End Carcass

By Eimear Diamond, Regional Sales Manager 2 years ago

Recent years have seen research turn toward calf rearing and capitalising on the genetic potential of the animal; with a particular focus on dairy calves.

There is limited information on feeding and rearing beef calves, with even less on how feeding calves can impact finishing age and carcass quality. We are now beginning to see supermarket requirements for beef changing, with a greater demand for uniform cuts, and as farmers we invest so much at the finishing stage to meet these requirements.

Can we feed cows like they do in the States?

By Iwan Vaughan 2 years ago

As part of my Nuffield Farming Scholarship I have been travelling the globe to research, first hand, my topic of ‘Increasing Rumen Nitrogen Efficiency in UK Dairy Production’. It has taken me to the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

Forage and feed waste – keep it under control

By Martin 3 years ago

It is estimated that 5-30% of feed and forage purchased and produced on dairy farms will be lost annually. Those farmers who keep good records will have an idea of the amount of feed actually fed out at all times but, even then, actual feed loss is still occurring. Unless records are kept how do we even start to quantify this on farm and, worse still, how do we know what it is costing us?

Store Lamb Finishing

By Iwan Vaughan 4 years ago

In order to achieve maximum economic returns from lambs this autumn/winter, sheep farmers need to plan production and resources to decide how to finish the lambs or sell them as stores to meet the requirements of the chosen market.